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  • Exclusive Extracts – HTE Full Spectrum Vape Carts (1 Gram)

    Exclusive Extracts Strain: BC Lambsbread (Sativa), Cactus Cooler (Sativa), Cookies n Cream (Hybrid), Dosi Cake (Hybrid), Gelato x Amnesia Haze (Hybrid), Glue Chunk (Hybrid), Greese Monkey (Indica), Ice Cream Cake (Hybrid), Kush Mints (Hybrid), LA Cake Pop (Hybrid), Mandarin Cookies (Hybrid), McFlurry (Hybrid), Mimosa (Hybrid), Mr Nice (Indica), Pink Gas (Indica), Pink Mints (Hybrid), Purple Ayahuasca (Indica), Sophie's Breath (Sativa), Strawberry Skittles (Indica), Strawnana (Indica), Violator Kush (Indica), Zkittlez x Purple Punch (Indica)
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