Bulk CV House Brand – 1:1 CBD/THC Distillate Vape Carts (1 Gram)

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CV House Brand 1:1 CBD/THC Distillate Vape Cartridges

  • AVEO Cartridge (510 thread)
  • 1 gram
  • No Fillers
  • Lab Tested

Recommended battery is the AVEO Pulse Variable Voltage or any of the CCELL batteries we carry.

QuantityBulk Purchase Pricing
5 - 15$19.00 Per Item
16 - 30$18.00 Per Item
31 - 50$17.00 Per Item
51 - 70$16.00 Per Item
71 - 99$15.00 Per Item
100 or more$14.00 Per Item


Following in the footsteps of our CV House Brand THC Distillate Carts we now offer a selection of 1:1 CBD/THC Distillate Vape Carts. These are great for helping get to sleep or dealing with pain while at the gym or working.

We are starting with a limited selection but over time will be adding a few more highly requested strains,

Alaska Thunder Fuck (Sativa)
Amnesia Haze (Sativa)
Blue Dream (Sativa Dominant Hybrid)
Durban Poison (Sativa)
Green Crack (Sativa)
Harlequin (Sativa)
Jack Herer (Sativa)

AC/DC (Hybrid)
Bruce Banner #3 (Hybrid)
Pineapple Express (Hybrid)

9 Pound Hammer (Indica)
Banana Kush (Indica)
Blackberry Kush (Indica)
Blue God (Indica)
Forbidden Fruit (Indica)
Granddaddy Purple (Indica)
Northern Lights (Indica)

Blue Raspberry aka Blue Razz (Hybrid)
Mint (Hybrid)
Orange Creamsicle (Hybrid)
Pineapple (Hybrid)
Watermelon (Hybrid)


**NOTE: The FRUIT FLAVOURS listed above are similar to what you would get in a VAPE store; very fruity and flavour forward. When you exhale there is no cannabis smell it is a fruity smell like you get with a traditional nicotine vape. We list them as Hybrid as the effects will vary from person to person depending on how the terpenes that make up the particular flavor effect you personally**


Each cartridge comes with a silicone thread skirt and silicone mouthpiece cap (just like the photo) and will ship in a mini zip lock bag. We do this to keep our prices as low as possible.

You want to resell our carts to your friends? we got you! do you have super high tolerance and vape a full cart or more a day? we got you! do you want a budget friendly but high quality option to vape? we got you! do you want to give out vape carts to friends and family like Santa Claus only year round? we got you!


Want a SAMPLE of our CV House Brand carts? For $20 we would be happy to send you one via lettermail. Send us an email and we will get it sorted out. If you want it sent with tracking (and signature) it will be $30 and will ship registered mail.


Shipping Note: Orders of 50+ carts will ship Expedited Parcel via Canada Post instead of XpressPost and will arrive in 2-8 days depending on where you are in Canada. The reason we ship the larger orders like this is to keep the price down that we offer. If you really want it XpressPost we can ship it that way and charge you the difference in shipping between the two services and upgrade the package speed. Contact us after ordering and we will sort it out for you.

Additional information

CV House Brand Strain

9 Pound Hammer (Indica), AC/DC (Hybrid), Acapulco Gold (Sativa), Agent Orange (Hybrid), Alaska Thunder Fuck (Sativa), Amnesia Haze (Sativa), Banana Kush (Indica), Berry White (Hybrid), Biscotti (Indica Dominant Hybrid), Blackberry Kush (Indica), Blue Cheese (Indica), Blue Dream (Sativa Dominant Hybrid), Blue God (Indica), Blue Zkittlez (Indica), Blueberry AK (Indica Dominant Hybrid), Bruce Banner #3 (Hybrid), Bubblegum OG (Hybrid), Cereal Milk (Hybrid), ChemDog (Hybrid), Cherry Pie (Hybrid), Chocolope (Sativa), Clementine (Sativa), Death Bubba (Indica), Diablo (Indica), Do-Si-Dos (Indica Dominant Hybrid), Durban Poison (Sativa), Fire OG (Indica Dominant Hybrid), Flavour – CITRUS PUNCH (Hybrid), Flavour – Mango, Flavoured – BLUE RASPBERRY (Hybrid), Flavoured – BLUE RAZZ (Hybrid), Flavoured – BLUEBERRY (Hybrid), Flavoured – CITRUS PUNCH (Hybrid), Flavoured – COTTON CANDY (Hybrid), Flavoured – FRUIT PUNCH (Hybrid), Flavoured – GRAPE (Hybrid), Flavoured – GREEN APPLE (Hybrid), Flavoured – LEMON-LIME (Hybrid), Flavoured – MANGO (Hybrid), Flavoured – MINT (Hybrid), Flavoured – ORANGE CREAMSICLE (Hybrid), Flavoured – PEACH (Hybrid), Flavoured – PINEAPPLE (Hybrid), Flavoured – RASPBERRY (Hybrid), Flavoured – ROOT BEER (Hybrid), Flavoured – STRAWBERRY (Hybrid), Flavoured – STRAWBERRY-BANANA (Hybrid), Flavoured – WATERMELON (Hybrid), Forbidden Fruit (Indica), Gelato (Hybrid), Ghost Train Haze (Sativa), Girl Scout Cookies (Hybrid), Golden Goat (Hybrid), Gorilla Glue (Sativa Dominant Hybrid), Granddaddy Purple (Indica), Grape Stomper (Hybrid), Grapefruit Romulan (Hybrid), Green Crack (Sativa), Hardcore OG (Indica), Harlequin (Sativa), Hawaiian Snow (Sativa), Ice Cream Cookies (Indica), Island Sweet Skunk (Sativa), Jack Herer (Sativa), Jet Fuel (Hybrid), King Louis XIII (Indica), LA Confidential (Indica), Lemon Pound Cake (Indica Dominant Hybrid), Lime Sorbet (Indica), Mac 1 (Hybrid), Mango Haze (Sativa), Mars OG (Indica), Maui Wowie (Sativa), Mimosa (Hybrid), Motorbreath (Hybrid), Northern Lights (Indica), NYC Diesel (Hybrid), OG Haze (Sativa), Peanut Butter Breath (Hybrid), Pineapple Express (Hybrid), Pink Cookies (Hybrid), Pink Kush (Indica Dominant Hybrid), Pink Panties (Indica), Platinum OG (Indica), Purple Haze (Sativa), Purple Punch (Indica), Raw (No Terpenes), Romulan (Indica), Root Beer (Hybrid), Runtz (Hybrid), Shishkaberry (Indica), Skywalker OG (Indica Dominant Hybrid), Sour Diesel (Sativa), Strawberry Cough (Sativa), Strawnana (Indica Dominant Hybrid), Sundae Driver (Hybrid), Super Lemon Haze (Sativa), Super Silver Haze (Sativa), Super Sour Diesel (Sativa), Tangie Cookies (Sativa), Thin Mint Cookies (Hybrid), Trainwreck (Sativa), Trix (Sativa), Watermelon OG (Indica), Wedding Cake (Indica Dominant Hybrid), White Rhino (Indica), White Widow (Hybrid), Zkittlez (Indica)

1 review for Bulk CV House Brand – 1:1 CBD/THC Distillate Vape Carts (1 Gram)

  1. Craig MacDonald (verified owner)

    I think this is my favorite cart. The CBD mellows out the THC, it’s not overwhelming and relaxing. Wife approved

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