Bulk CV House Brand – Honey Oil Vape Carts (1 Gram)

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CV House Brand Honey Oil Vape Cartridges

  • AVEO Cartridge (510 thread)
  • 1 gram
  • No Fillers
  • Lab Tested

Recommended battery is the AVEO Pulse Variable Voltage.

QuantityBulk Purchase Pricing
5 - 15$29.00 Per Item
16 - 30$28.00 Per Item
31 - 50$27.00 Per Item
51 - 70$26.00 Per Item
71 - 99$25.00 Per Item
100 or more$24.00 Per Item


As Canada’s leader in Cannabis Vape Cartridges (510 thread carts) we know a thing or two about Vape carts and we have over the year sold Honey oil carts from various producers. We now offer our own CV House Brand offering featuring Honey Oil!

Our House Brand Honey cart is blended with Delta-9 THC Distillate to a ratio of 60-40  (60% Honey Oil/40% THC Distillate).

Why do we do this? we have tried full honey oil carts and also 50-50 and 60-40 carts and in our opinion the 60-40 is the best ratio to ensure the carts burn smooth and do not clog or have “rewicking” problems. Other brands on the Market often do a 50-50 ratio but we feel the 60-40 is ideal and results in the best end result of taste and potency in addition to reliability and reducing the risks of clogs.

This tests at 80%+ THC and is full spectrum.

Each cartridge comes with a silicone thread skirt and silicone mouthpiece cap (just like the photo) and will ship in a mini zip lock bag. We do this to keep our prices as low as possible.

You want to resell our carts to your friends? we got you! do you have super high tolerance and vape a full cart or more a day? we got you! do you want a budget friendly but high quality option to vape? we got you! do you want to give out vape carts to friends and family like Santa Claus only year round? we got you!


Want a SAMPLE of our CV House Brand Honey Oil carts? For $30 we would be happy to send you one via lettermail. Send us an email and we will get it sorted out. If you want it sent with tracking (and signature) it will be $40 and will ship registered mail.


Shipping Note: Orders of 50+ carts will ship Expedited Parcel via Canada Post instead of XpressPost and will arrive in 2-8 days depending on where you are in Canada. The reason we ship the larger orders like this is to keep the price down that we offer. If you really want it XpressPost we can ship it that way and charge you the difference in shipping between the two services and upgrade the package speed. Contact us after ordering and we will sort it out for you.

Additional information

CV House Brand Honey Oil Strain

Granddaddy Purple (Indica), Sour Tangie (Sativa)

2 reviews for Bulk CV House Brand – Honey Oil Vape Carts (1 Gram)

  1. Dave T (verified owner)

    I haven’t had good honey oil in years since BC Vapes sold some on this site, but this is way better! I was surprised to see it added to their inventory as a house brand. It’s hard to find good honey oil carts these days. My order shipped out the same day and arrived the next. I’m vaping the granddaddy purple right now as I write this! Super smooth. Going to try the sour tangie first thing tomorrow morning.

  2. Tim Mackenzie (verified owner)

    While it’s not the honey oil of my youth (or maybe I’m just too old to get that stoned anymore?), it sure is a nice switch from regular distillate vapes and is on par with any other high priced HTFSE out there, if not better. I can’t wait to try out the syringes! Keep up the awesome work CV.

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